Mindful Tai Chi On the Chiavari Beach

Mindful Tai Chi On the Chiavari Beach

English lessons.

Enjoy breathing awarness and long life exercises just by the sea on the Chiavari beach.

About Tai Chi and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and TaiChi together can dramatically improve the your life quality, please read below.

What is TaiChi

Tai ji quan known as tai chi is a low intensity psycho-corporeal discipline, coming from an ancient Chinese martial art, made up of slow and fluid movements. It improves concentration, increases body elasticity, balance and enhances muscle tone, preventing osteoporosis.

What is Mindfulness

It is a breath-based meditation for physical and mental well-being and for personal growth. Even Harvard University has placed it at the center of its research for the beneficial effects that can also replace drug therapy
It has powerful therapeutic and spiritual healing effects.
It helps us overcome difficult moments in life and supports us in times of personal crisis.

How and Where

Lessons are held at the Spiaggetta beach or at the Fara Tower in Chiavari

Please reserve your class via whatsapp or email: [email protected]

Pier Luigi Rizzini bio

I am Pier Luigi Rizzini, Trainer and Mindfulness Counselor.

I am a Certificated Shaolin Self Mastery trainer at the Shaolin Temple Europe.

I specialized in “Science of Well Being” at Yale University to help you on your path of Personal Growth and Change.